Art & Creative Director
concept development, art direction and video edit

Client: ADC*E 2014 Awards Campaign
Agency: GRAPA.WS

ADC*E stands out for Art Directors Club * Europe

Every year it celebrates an EXCLUSIVE contest
OPEN ONLY for winner contestants from past European design awards.

This is a contest for STARS battling for GOLD
- Announcing the 2014 edition -
Calling all Candidate Stars for SUPERNOVA

“Among the infinite stars out there only few achieve their “glory” as Supernovas…
… GOLD is created ONLY in Supernovas…”
Become a Supernova

Art Direction & Web Design by MAY CABAL at GRAPA.WS
Digital Art Animation & Programming by FLAN *

Art Directors from each European country were invited to participate in The Blog.
Posts were represented as a star constellation mimicking the country’s shape.
Accompanied with a selected quote from the author’s post.

Art by Rag

After the Awards ceremony ...
ADC*E headquarters in Barcelona launched
the 1st European Creativity Festival

"Every Supernova leaves it's Mark"

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