"Virtud is a methodology to access the unconscious patterns of the mind and quickly reprogram cognitive processes.

The methodology generates new, spontaneous behaviour, to deal more efficiently with problems and issues. We do this by letting the clients interact with horses. Horses are highly sensitive, non-predatory animals. There have been other types of therapy involving horses; our USP is the blending of human/horse interaction with proven depth psychology concepts. This blend generates an emotional impact that accelerates the process of synaptic plasticity, i.e. the creation of new neural patterns."
Original logo to redesign
The font selection for the new logo
First let's unify the letter details
Now let's find the right Unicorn
While doing the design upgrade the company was moving to Abu Dhabi,
so we needed a tagline in Arab.
Voilá! the final logo
First mobile dossier for the Arab market. 
We've got feedback on the colours from Abu Dhabi:
"very childish colours, we need something mature & premium"
And premium colours it is...
New colours for a new target market
Not only a new design, but also a new target: CEOs in United Arab Emirates
This is how the "Elite Program" was born 
Reminder for the event
Printed Invitation
Mobile invitation
Brochure for assistants 
Flags for the event

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